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The days of paying high prices for camp are over! (Or at least they just got easier, thanks to!) Whether you're looking for a day camp, overnight camp, specialty camp or any other kind of camp, we've got you covered with special coupons and discounts that can't be beat. This website is owned and operated by real live camp directors with kids of their own, so you know we're aware of the high cost of raising kids and sending them to camp. That that's why we started -- to offer you a true "one-stop shop" for summer camp savings. Using the site couldn't be easier. All the coupons listed here are free with no registration required. You can search the site to your heart's content for the camp or camps that interest you. When you find one you like, bingo, you just saved a bundle on summer camp! We hope you have a great time at camp this summer...and please don't forget to share our website with your friends because they might want to save a few bucks on camp this summer, too :)

Camp Directors: Add a Coupon, Promote Your Camp

Market Your Camp with Coupons!

Do you run a summer camp, school or program? Add a coupon to! You'll get more exposure for your program and help your customers and prospects save money in this tough economic climate. Marketing your camp with coupons is a great way to get new campers today and keep them for life, because let's face it, everybody loves a discount! 

What Does a Typical Coupon Listing Look Like on 

Here's an example of a live coupon listing which is on the site right now so you can get an idea of what yours might look like.

How to Add Your Coupon to 

It's easy to add a coupon to Just fill out this form and submit it to us. We will then create your coupon and post it the site as soon as possible so everyone can learn about your program and use your coupon. We'll also include a link to your website and social media sites including your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages so people can learn more about your camp and connect with you online.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The price to list your coupon on is $99 for one year. Your listing inlcudes: 
  • An actual coupon promoting your summer camp
  • Five (5) searchable coupon categories people will use to find your coupon on our site, such as the type of camp, camp location, activity specialties you offer, etc.
  • Full camp contact information
  • 25 word description of your camp program
  • Link to your camp's website
  • Links to your camp's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts

How to Add A Photo to Your Coupon

If you would like to include a photo inside your coupon listing, we are happy to add one for an additional $25 fee. You will be able to upload any photo you want when you fill out the sign up form. (Even though including a photo is optional, you can generally expect better coupon redemption rates when your coupon includes a photo.)

How to Get Your Coupon Posted in 24 Hours or Less

We always do our best to post coupons as soon as possible upon receiving your information, however, due to the high volume of submissions we get, sometimes it might take a while. If you'd like your coupon posted within 24 hours or less, you will be able to designate this on your sign up form. The price for this expedited service is $10.


If you have any questions, let us know. Meanwhile, here's to higher enrollment! :)