Complete Summer Camp Discount Information


What is Camp

It's the first website where consumers can get FREE money-saving coupons to the summer camps of their choice so they can save money on the high cost of sending their kids to camp, and where camp directors, operators and owners can list their coupons for free.

Do I Need to Register to Use the Site?

No registration is required. We know it's a pain to create an account and register your contact information on various websites, so you don't need to do it here! The coupons are free to you and you never need to disclose any personal information.

Does it Cost Money to Access the Coupons?

Absolutely not. All the coupons listed on, and available through, this site are completely free to you.

Why Aren't There More Camps Listed on the Site?

Many new summer camps join our site all the time. If your favorite summer camp isn't listed yet, please contact the camp director to let them know they should join Camp so you can get a discount!

What Happens if the Camp Won't Honor the Coupon?

Any and all coupons listed on, or linked to from, this website -- including but not limited to their content, details, offers, timeliness, accuracy and restrictions -- are solely the responsibility of the camp directors. You will need to discuss any possible discrepancies or enrollment issues with the camp directors themselves.

Is there Anything Else I Need to Know?

Please enjoy our website, and if you haven't done so yet, please "LIKE" us on Facebook, too! Happy camping! :)